Town Planning & Development Consulting


Plan A Group Pty Ltd is able to provide personalised service for a diverse range of projects. We work with a network of experienced specialist consultants to ensure that each project is afforded the correct advice. We offer the following Town Planning and Development Consultancy services.

Feasibility and Prelodgement Advice

Our belief is that providing robust Town Planning advice as part of the feasibility process assists with ensuring that the highest and best use of the land is able to be identified, hence maximising the value of the asset and offer the following services.
• Town Planning feasibility studies
• Review and evaluation of development options
• Formulation of development strategies
• Co-ordination and facilitation of prelodgement advices and meetings

Preparation and Management of Development Approvals

Our highly experienced team is able to prepare and manage projects of all scales. We focus on negotiating approvals that achieve the highest and best use of the land and provide development conditions that are able to be readily achieved. We specialise in the following types of applications.
• Material Change of Use – Residential, Retail, Commercial, Industrial, Heritage, Environmental Licencing, Signage Licencing
• Reconfiguring a Lot – Residential, Rural, Industrial and Master Planned Community Approvals
• Preliminary Approvals – Approvals to Override the Planning Scheme
• Operational Works – Co-ordination of Operational Works approvals
• Extension to Relevant Period
• Change to Development Approvals

Project Co-ordination and Development Consulting

Our approach to consulting is to work with you from project concept through to delivery of the project. We provide the following services to assist your project.
• Sub consultant management through the development application
• Sub consultant management following development approval
• Co-ordination of additional approvals required to finalise development
• Co-ordination of information to demonstrate satisfaction of development conditions
• Preparation and management of compliance and plan sealing approvals

Enforcement, Planning Submissions, Mediation and Appeals

Our team offers the following.
• Provision of advice in relation to show cause notices and enforcement notices
• Preparation of responses and negotiations with Council officers to show cause notices and enforcement notices
• Preparation of Planning Submissions to development applications
• Preparation of Planning Submissions to planning scheme amendments
• Provision of Appeal, Mediation and Expert Witness advice


We believe that a collaborative approach to design ensures the best possible outcome for your project whilst considering all relevant factors. To assist your project, we offer the following services.
• Provision of advice in relation to Town Planning requirements
• Co-ordination with specialist consultants to ascertain site constraints
• Preparation of structure plans and master plans
• Preparation of reconfiguration proposal plans
• Preparation of sales and marketing plans