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Town Planning & Development Consultants

Plan A Group Pty Ltd provides expert Town Planning and Development Consultancy services for development projects of all scales and types throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales.


Town Planning Advice

Our belief is that providing robust Town Planning advice as part of the feasibility process assists with ensuring that the highest and best use of the land is able to be identified, hence maximising the value of the asset and offer the following services.
Town Planning Advice


Development Applications

Our approach to consulting is to work with you from project concept through to delivery of the project. We provide the following services to assist your project.
Development Application Services


Plan Preparation

We believe that a collaborative approach to design ensures the best possible outcome for your project whilst considering all relevant factors. To assist your project, we offer the following services.
Plan Preparation Services


We have the knowledge as advocates to the development industry and provide Town Planning and Development advice to ensure that projects are able to obtain high quality outcomes that meet the reasonable desires of the Client.


We have a highly experienced team that has successfully provided Town Planning services for private and public development companies as well as Local, State and Federal Government agencies.


We are a specialised town planning consultancy that focusses on providing development planning services. Our sole focus as town planning specialists provides a strong platform from which we can provide expert advice to the development community and facilitate the achievement of high quality development outcomes.